Save Our Environment

Tell the EPA & DOT: I Want 54.5 MPG!

Last November, the Obama administration proposed strengthening fuel efficiency and carbon pollution standards for new cars and light trucks to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025 -– a serious step towards ending our addiction to oil and cutting carbon pollution.

Now we need to show them that we support these strong standards. The deadline for public comments is Monday, February 13th and we need to pour the support on thick!

Tell the EPA and the Department of Transportation that you support the strong 54.5 mpg standards President Obama has proposed. Complete the forms below to submit your public comment.

By taking action, you'll receive periodic updates on urgent environmental issues.

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While all the organizations participating in the Save Our Environment Action Center share the common goal of
protecting the environment, individual groups can, and sometimes do, differ in their approaches to specific issues.