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Kulluk rig run aground off Kodiak Island by PA3 Jon Klingenberg U.S. Coast Guard

Last week, high seas, fierce winds, and a poor decision to travel during a series of storms caused a massive Shell Oil drilling rig to run aground near the pristine Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

With an army of lobbyists, Shell has put relentless pressure on the Obama Administration to get the permits they need to drill in the Arctic Ocean despite their inability to prove that they could prevent or contain a spill. We need to respond with our own pressure, until the administration acknowledges that oil companies like Shell are far too reckless to be trusted with our environment.

We had 20 years of drill-free peace in the Arctic thanks to public pressure on our lawmakers – now we need to ramp that pressure back up to ensure one of the last truly wild places stays healthy and clean.

Send a letter to Tommy Beaudreau, Director of the Department of Interior's Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, to revoke Shell's permits to drill in the Arctic Ocean right now.

Tommy Beaudreau

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)

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