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Help Keep Alaska's Coastal Plain Safe

Help save the Arctic! Polar bear photo can be found here:

Home to polar bears, Arctic fox, caribou, snowy owls, and nearly 200 other species, the vibrant Coastal Plain is considered the biological heart of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Unfortunately, it has also been on Big Oil's "most wanted" list for years.

The Obama administration is on the verge of recommending a Wilderness designation that would protect the Coastal Plain. But now Interior Secretary Salazar has announced he's retiring in March and he may not finalize the plan in time!

Please hurry! Our polar bears are on thin ice. Cubs are drowning on marathon swims through warming oceans, more bears are starving as melting sea ice makes seals harder to catch, and oil drilling is driving bears from their dens.

Fill out the fields below to ask Sec. Salazar to protect these precious creatures before he retires this month.

Ken Salazar

Interior Secretary & the Fish and Wildlife Service

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